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Address: Ivan Mazepa street, 21, b. 12

Tel.: +38 (044) 290 13 96, +38 (044) 290 13 47

Working hours: from 10:00 till 17:00, day off Ц Monday

How to get: go by bus є 24 from metro station Arsenalnaya towards Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra till the terminal station

Museum of historical treasures

Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine differently is also called Museum of Scythian gold. Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra sheltered very interesting museum expositions at its territory, one of them is an exposition of Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine. This museum exposition includes rare jewels of gold, platinum, silver, inlaid with brilliants, rubies, emeralds and pearls, made by masters of old Sarmatian and Scythian tribes, rare enamels and chased decoration of Kievan Russia, exhibits from Byzantine Empire and Iran. In museum collection of coins there are coins of Ancient Greece, Rome, Kievan Russia, Byzantine Empire, and also coins, which were issued and became rarity already during present period of history Ц for example coins timed to 22 Olympic Games, taken place in Moscow in 1980.

Looking over showcases of halls in Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine, visitors can imagine how great was the level of ancient jewelersТ skill. For example, the treasures, found at excavation of sepulchral mounds Gaymanova grave and Tolstaya (Thick) grave, and objects, found at other Scythian burial places, date from 4 century B.C. So long as such burial places usually belonged to nobility, members of imperial families or outstanding soldiers and commanders, they were buried, according to pagan traditions, with great honour. Weapon inlaid with gold and jewelry, expensive harness, articles of everyday life and personal ornaments were put into the grave, as all this considered to be useful to the deceased in afterlife.

Museum of historical treasures

Collection of objects, found at the burial place of Scythian tsarina with her child, Tolstaya (Thick) grave, is deservedly considered the most known in the museum. The most memorable finds of this burial place are the gold sheath of Scythian sword-akinak decorated with openwork masks, gold plates and pendants and a massive breast ornament, with the scenes of Scythian mythology and life represented on it. This ornament has the name "Scythian pectoral" and is reckoned among the rarest objects of world art. The find is dated by 4-3 centuries B.C. Pectoral it made of gold and weighs about 1 kg. It is one of the most beautiful things that are stored in Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine. All elements of the ornament are volume, the smallest details are scrupulously performed. The exhibits from Sarmatian tsarina burial place have big historical and cultural value too. TsarinaТs jewels were made in 1-2 century in Greece and Persia and are one the most ancient values of the museum.

In Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine there are values of Glodosskiy Treasure. Priceless finds were discovered at the territory of Kirovograd region in the early sixties of 20 century by a schoolboy Vladimir Chuhriy. By a pure accident the boy found out a hidden treasure which was later named Glodoskiy treasure (by the name of rural area nearby). Experts think that the burial place found in Kirovograd region belonged to the notable soldier, killed in battle of Slavic tribes and nomadic Khazars at the turn of 7 and 8 centuries. Today all interested persons can see the unique curiosities of Glodoskiy treasure in show-windows of Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine. Massive temporal pendants and breast ornaments, rings, bracelets and chains, inlaid with jewels, weapon details and harnesses, made of silver and gold more than 1 500 years ago. In total, it was found more than 200 objects at excavations, 100 of them Ц golden. Gross weight of silver objects of Glodoskiy treasure is a little bit more 1 kg, golden Ц more 2,5 kg.

Museum of historical treasures

Works of Ukrainian masters of 14-16 centuries are also presented in Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine: frames and settings for icons and religious books, decorated with emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. After Christianity of Kievan Russia, Slavic jewelry and art traditions were enriched under Byzantine artists influence.

But not only Ukrainian finds are worth seeing in the museum. Works of Jewish masters and masters from European countries, including Russia, are also stored here. In view of age, variety, value and rare beauty of the exhibits, this museum can be called one of the most interesting in Kiev.






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