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Entertainment in Kiev

There are a great number of places in Kiev, intended for rest and entertainment. Entertainment centers, wide network of modern cinemas, bowling-clubs and billiard clubs, and also covered skating rinks, pools – all these and many other Kiev offers to visitors and townsmen.





Entertainment centers

Kiev possesses everything required so that its inhabitants and guests can spend their time with pleasure and good. Covered skating rinks, roller-skating rinks, swimming pools wait for the followers of healthy and active lifestyle in Kiev. And there are extremely modern swimming pools as well as standard at reasonable prices. Skating rinks are also very affordable.

But the most popular are entertaining centers, where entertainments to every taste are concentrated. Kiev entertaining centers offers all services, common for such places. Among popular Kiev entertaining centers the following can be named: Arena, Maximum, Gambling club Kiev and many others.

Billiard and bowling fans’ number is always increasing and not only experts are interested in these games. Those, who want relieve their leisure hours or get fresh impressions, also like playing bowling or billiard. Visit bowling clubs Mirage, Strike, Bolshevik, and for billiard fans we offer information on clubs Mayak (Lighthouse), Buffalo, Status and others.

Seeing movies in cinemas is also popular in Kiev as all new films are first showed on beg screens. Most Kiev cinemas are notable for modern equipment and good sound, picture and comfortable chairs of course. Kiev cinemas Multiplex, Kievan Russia, Kiev, network Butterfly and others are recommended for judges.




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