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Kiev cinemas

Kiev cinemas offer not only interesting repertoire of the latest films but also modern equipment, perfect stereo and video systems, soft armchairs.


Cinema Butterfly on Pertovka

Address: Moskovsky avenue, 6

Tel.: +38 (044) 531 39 77; +38 (044) 536 04 84

The very first cinema Butterfly was opened in Kiev in September 2001. There are three halls (one for 250 and two for 139 seats). Its main difference from other Kiev cinemas is the modern technologies, developed for such buildings...


Cinema in entertaining center Blockbuster

Address: Moskovsky avenue, 34v

Tel.: +3(8044) 498 30 00

Working hours: from 10:00 to 06:00, on off days from 9:45 to 06:00

In entertaining center Blockbuster there are two modern cinemas. Cinema Multiplex consists of 12 halls of 9 000 sq. m. in total. The cinema foyer is made in imitation of an airport: there is spacious waiting room with soft armchairs, plasma panels, bars and "lock gates" on each side...


Cinema Kiev

Address: Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 19

Tel.: +38 (044) 251 21 99; +38 (044) 234 73 81; +38 (044) 234 33 80

Cinema Kiev building began in pre-war period and was over in November 1952. The first major repairs were conducted in 2000, after that the cinema gained the new life and name – Cultural Center Cinema Kiev....


Cinema Kievan Rus

Address: Sechevyh streltsov street, 93

Tel.: +38 (044) 461 80 61; +38 (044) 486 74 74; +38 (044) 486 82 73

Cinema Kievan Rus history began in 1961, when cinema Kommunar was built. In 1982, the new cinema was built at this place that was called Kievan Rus. Its opening was timed to the 15 centenary of Kiev. Cinema Kievan Rus became popular with cinematographic judges very fast and rankeds...


Cinema Multiplex (Komod)

Address: Lunacharskogo street, 4

Tel.: +38 (044) 498 48 32

Cinema Multiplex is located in shopping center Komod. There are four halls of different roominess in the cinema. The most modern equipment of the world known producers, such as audio system JBL (USA), booster Yamaha (Japan), digital processor Dolby Digital and screens Harkness Hall (GB both), projectors Kinoton...



Lately, the number of Kiev cinemas popular with viewers has grown a lot thanks to improvements and reconstructions, conducted in old Kiev cinemas, and building of the new. Sometimes cinemas are located in Kiev entertaining and shopping centers and people, who are shopping, also come to watch films.

Kiev is a large city and such Kiev cinemas are. For example, cinema Multiplex, located in the territory of shopping center Komod, has 4 halls that seat 545 in whole. Cultural Center Cinema Kiev has the long history; its building began just before the war and now the cinema consists of two halls (for 300 and 330 seats), Internet club, billiard, bar and beauty salon.

Modern film industry produces films of different styles and genres, for spectators of all ages. And Kiev cinemas try to follow all modern tendencies and show all new films as early as possible. Animation, thrillers, actions, comedies, fantasy and drama are available to Kiev inhabitants, coming to the cinemas.

Cinema Butterfly is one of the most popular in Kiev. It was built with account of all modern requirements for sound, image and comfort. The cinema is situated in the building of shopping center Mega Market and consists of 3 halls (one for 250 and two for 139 seats).

Now there are several scores of cinemas in Kiev. All they are in different Kiev districts and also differ by equipment, size, facilities. We offer to your attention not all but the most popular of Kiev cinemas.




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