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Kiev sights

It is impossible to tell about Kiev sights in brief. For long centuries, which passed from the moment of Kiev beginnings, it grew, developed, new interesting architectural ensembles and historical monuments appeared there.

Tourists practically have no need in metro to see the main Kiev sights, but strong feet will be very useful. Exactly they are usually the main mean of transportation by the central historical part of Kiev, which abounds with monuments and simply interesting beautiful places.


Andreevsky spusk


Andreevsky spusk is the second street of Kiev after Kreschatik. Andreevsky spusk leads from Vladimirskaya to Desyatinnaya street and Contraktovaya square, located in Podol. Top section of the street existed even at the time of Kievan Russia, it connected Old Kiev and Podol and laid between Andreevsky and Zamkoviy hills...


Askolds grave

Address: Parkovaya doroga (Park road)

Askolds grave is located on the right bank of Dnieper, near to Lipki. The ancient legend says, that in 882 year Novgorod prince Oleg enticed Askold and Dir, who were reigning in Kiev, to this place and killed them for the reason of "an ignoble origin", as they were not Rurik. After that Oleg ascended Kiev ...


House with Chimeras

Address: Bankovskaya (Bank) street, 10

House with Chimeras is, perhaps, the most known building in Kiev. Now the house is settled down in the centre of Kiev, in about twenty metres from the Palace of the president of Ukraine, but in the beginning of 20 century it was not so. The area, located at breakage over drained Goat bog (now there is a National academic drama theatre of Ivan Franko)...


Golden Gate

Address: Vladimirskaya (Vladimir) Street, 40a

Golden Gate in Kiev is the monument of fortified building of 12 century, one of few, which remained till our times. The construction amazed with its greatness and inaccessibility: Church of annunciation settled down over a power combat tower and it was very symbolical for a Christian city as the Gate served as the main entrance to Kiev...


Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra

Address: Mazepas Street/Janvarskogo vosstania (January revolt), 25

: 9:30 - 19:00 daily

: +38(044) 28046 27

Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra is located on the right coast of Dnieper, at high Dnieper hills. First monks lodged in caves, here takes its name Kievo-Pecherskaja Lavra - Pechersky (ukr. pechera a cave)...



Kreschatik is Kiev main street that is located near to district, where prince Vladimir the Great baptized his family once. Probably, the street takes its name from this fact, but under other version, the street was named so because of Kreshchatiy Jar (that is crossed over by transversal ravines). Kreshatik is not very long street just 1,2 km, but its average width is 75 m. now, and some sections reach 100 m...


Saint Mickael cathedral

Address: Trehsvyatetelskaya street, 6

First documentary record of St. Michaels cathedral occurs in annals, where it is said that prince Svyatopolk Izyaslavich, Yaroslav the Wise grandson, laid a new stone temple in honour of Archangel Michael near the Dmitrievsky monastery and St. Peter's church on July, 11th, 1108. Presumably the Dmitrievsky ...


Monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky

Address: St. Sofia Square

Monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky is most known city monument, an original symbol of Kiev. It is put up in honour of hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky, who went down in history of Ukraine as an outstanding commander, statesman, headed the revolt of Ukrainian people against Rech Pospolitaya...


Monument to Prince Vladimir

Address: Park at Vladimirskaya gorka, Threhsvyatitelskaya street

Monument to Prince Vladimir, the Baptist of Russia, is located at the park of Vladimirskaya Gorka. St. Vladimirs figure rises above steep Dnieper bank. Prince holds a cross in the right hand and a princely cap...


Saint Sofia cathedral

Address: Vladimirskaya street, 24

St. Sofia cathedral is located in the centre of Kiev. It is the main cult building of Kievan Russia of Yaroslav the Wise rule (years 10191054), exactly near its walls Kiev popular assembly gathered. St. Sofia cathedral became the first Ukrainian monument of architecture entered in the list of World heritage of UNESCO...



Kreschatik, one of the widest streets in the world, is the likely place to begin acquaintance with Kiev. The best time to walk along Kreschatik is days off, when the street becomes pedestrian the time, when it is possible to take a good look at Kreschatik, to appreciate a harmonious combination of various architectural styles and epochs, to sit in one of the numerous small restaurants or cafe, to do some shopping. Certainly, it is also impossible to pass over the Independence Square (Maydan Nezalezhnosti), which underwent considerable changes from the moment of declaration of independence of Ukraine.

It will be interesting to walk upwards Gorodetskiy's street, by the theatre of I.Franko straight to the building of the Palace of the president of Ukraine with one of architectural masterpieces of Kiev House with Chimeras, by the architect Vladislav Gorodetskiy, near it.

Pass just one metro station from Kreschatik and you are at the station Golden Gate, where the monument-reconstruction of the ancient Golden Gate, serving once as the main entrance to Kiev, appears in front of you. Moving away from Golden Gate along Vladimirskaya street, you will soon reach St. Sofia cathedral, a history monument of 11 century. The architecture, frescos and relics, stored in St. Sofia cathedral make indelible impression even upon sceptics.

Necessarily glance here, if there is possibility and time. Then, through St. Sofia square follow to the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitskiy, and from the monument to St. Michaels Zlatoverhy cathedral. Having turned to Desyatinnaya street, a traveler may pass by a majestic building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, from which it is not far for the most bohemian street of Kiev Andreevsky spusk.

Those, who are tired of a long walk, can go down from St. Michaels cathedral down to Contraktovaya square on a cable car which is also a place of interest and pride of Kiev. Having walked from the Contraktovaya square upwards to Vladimirsky spusk, you will have an opportunity to see a magnificent panorama of Kiev and to visit Vladimirskaya gorka with the monument to Vladimir the Baptist rising. Cross European square then and finish your walk on Kreschatik.

This route covers many important and interesting worthy monuments of history and architecture existing in Kiev, but not all of them. Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra is the place that deserves the separate story and visiting: besides temples and Christian relics there are the great number of various museum expositions, Andreevsky spusk with its museums and Andreevskaya church, Askolds grave and other.