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Weather in Kiev

Kiev is located in the northern part of Ukraine, not far from the country centre. Kiev climate can be characterized as temperate continental, with mild winter and warm enough summer. For this reason, weather in Kiev does well for people, who do not love fierce heat and severe frost.


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Kiev geographical coordinates: in latitude 50° 25' north and at longitude 30° 30' east.

Average annual temperature in Kiev is about +8 °С, the highest temperature is in July (+19,3 °С), the lowest – in January (-5,6 °С).

In winter the temperature in Kiev downtown is higher than on the outskirts because of the large number of motor transport. In summer the difference is not appreciable.

The year 1942 was the most cold in Ukraine, its average temperature was +5,1 °С. The absolute temperature minimum (-32,9 °С) was fixed on 11th January, 1950; the absolute maximum (+39,4 °С) – on 30 July, 1936. During the last 100-120 years the temperature in Kiev, as all over the world, has been rising.

Its average growth is approximately 1,5 percents. The most considerable growth is in December - March.

On the average 650 mm of atmospheric precipitations fall in Kiev, less - in March and October, more – in July. September can be rather rainy too.

The average annual temperature - +8,0 C°

The average annual wind speed - 2,4 m/sec.

The average air humidity - 75 %




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