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Travel tips

For those, who are planning visit to Kiev, information on Ukrainian capital will be helpful. Sometimes the simplest trifles can be incomprehensible in other country or city.

Often tourists, especially foreign, have questions connected with exchange, residence or food arrangement, therefore we bring to your attention brief information on most important points of stay in Kiev. Here you learn, what types of transport function in Kiev, what languages you can speak resorting to people at the street, what notes are in circulation, is smoking in public places allowed in Kiev and so on.



Airport Borispol is situated 34 km away from Kiev. Foreigners, coming to Ukraine, should get a registration card and keep it till the end of the trip. You can get to the airport by taxi or bus.



The national currency is Ukrainian hryvna (hrn.). There are banknotes par 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 hrn. We should mention that there two types of the banknotes Ц of old and new standard and both are accepted. Hryvna consists of 100 copecks, there coins par 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 copecks. One can exchange cash in every bank or exchange office. There are enough cash dispensers in Kiev and a lot of Kiev hotels and restaurants accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Most of Ukrainian banks are opened 5 days a week, some of them Ц 6 days.



ItТs not advisable to drink city water without boiling. ItТs better to buy potable water in shop. Little kiosks can sell water of poor quality. Pump rooms with artesian water are widely-spread in Kiev. Usually they are situated in the parks and are antiqued water pumps. Everybody can take water with them for free.


Cultural events

Kiev possesses a huge amount of cultural centers, museums, theaters that are cheaper than in other European countries. Films are screened in Russian in the cinemas, without English subtitles. But some cinemas offer films in English.



According to the law, that was recently accepted in Ukraine, smoking is forbidden in all public places, except specially set aside. Smoking is allowed in most bars, cafes and restaurant of the city. But rooms for non-smokers are everywhere there.


Public transport

Kiev metro is opened from 6:00 to 24:00. The fare is 2 hrn. Sometimes the working hours are prolonged in view of major sport, cultural events or festive occasions. Fixed route taxi, buses, tramways and trolleybuses are also popular in Kiev.



There is a wide choice of national and international cuisines to all tastes and purse. Prices varies from moderate to extremely high. Ukrainian cuisine is loved by tourists, especially popular such dishes as borscht Ц green and red; dumplings with potato, mushrooms, berries and fruits, meat and cheese; stuffed cabbage rolls with meat, rice and onion and so on. The special feature of this cuisine is usage of natural food, raised at the country territory.



There is no common rule in Kiev concerning tips, but 5-10% are usually given. Some restaurant include tip into bill. You can also tip a guide or driver at your discretion.



The voltage in Ukraine is 220 V (50Ggz).



The official language is Ukrainian but Russian is also widespread. Young people in Ukraine can also speak English quite well usually.






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