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Ukrainian visa

Let us bring to your attention brief data on Ukraine territory entry rules.

When entering Ukraine for a term less than 90 days, visa is not required of citizens of Russia and other CIS countries, European Union, Switzerland, the USA, Canada and Japan; it is enough to show international or common passport. Migratory chart, on which entry stamp is imprinted, is filled on the spot; such stamp is imprinted on passport too. When exiting from Ukraine, migratory chart should be returned to border guards. Entry stamp is not imprinted on common passport of RF.

According to the agreement between RF and Ukraine Governments about visa-free trips of RF and Ukraine citizens dated January, 16th, 1997 (amended February, 26th, 2007), following documents are necessary for journey with under age children:

- - Birth certificate original of a child, who has not reached 14 years (citizenship of child should be stated in birth certificate);

- International passport or common passport original of a child, who has reached 14 years;

- оригинал внутреннего паспорта либо загранпаспорта родителя.

International passport or common passport original of parent. In the case of child’s trip outside Russian Federation or Ukraine limits, accompanied by one parent or the third parties, following documents are necessary:

- - Notarially certified power of attorney for taking child out the country from remaining parent and x-copy of passport first page of principal.

- - If one of parents died, is deprived of parent rights, missing or his location is unknown and he doesn’t communicate with family, the following documents are necessary: death certificate or certificate from police, or certificate of single mother.

- For Ukraine citizens in the case of child’s trip with one of parents, accompanying parent should have the original of notarially certified copy of second parent’s permit on departure of the child.

- For RF citizens, in case of the trip, accompanied by one of the parents, power of attorney from the remaining parent is not required, if there were no application for non-agreement of the parent put in to border authority (for entry to Ukraine, according to Intergovernmental Agreement, power of attorney is not required).

It should be taken into account that border authorities have a right to request complementary documents from passengers at their discretion, that is why border authorities of Ukraine often demand to show power of attorney for a child in case of his escort by only one of the parents, and in the absence of document, collect penalty or refuse entry.




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