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Kiev shops

Kiev shops offer their buyers all class of goods. Large shopping centers are opened in Kiev; numerous shops with big variety of goods are situated at their huge areas. Side by side with large shops, there are specialty stores in Kiev, where one can find some certain kind of goods, for example, clothes shops, perfumer’s shops, construction shops, furniture stores, shops of home appliances and other.

Kiev, as well as any large modern city, has a well-developed shop infrastructure. In each Kiev district there are both small and large shops. There are department stores and one can buy everything, from clothes and footwear to jewelry or home appliances, getting there. Shops focused on one class of goods are also very popular: children shops, computer equipment stores, furniture stores and other. Among Kiev food shops, these can be named: supermarkets Selpo, Velika Kishenya, Furshet, Megamarket and others.



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