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Ukrainian cuisine

If you are looking for a recipe that's both simple and mouthwatering, Ukrainian cuisine is an almost-untapped source of inspiration. It's not uncommon to find Ukrainian dishes in different parts of the world, including in restaurants with a few national cuisines represented, but of course trying to fashion something that's both home-made and follows the original recipe is the best experience. Everybody knows that the way your food tastes in the end depends on the ingredients as much as the love you put into the process of cooking.

It's typical of Ukrainian cuisine to use certain spices and herbs more often than others. For instance, in many national dishes, both celebration and everyday kinds, you will often find parsley and dill (although those are most popular in spring and summer when people have access to fresh produce in their own gardens), onion, garlic, bay leaf, as well as black and red pepper. Ukrainian cuisine is free of ceremonial flavor typical of some national cuisines, but it certainly has its own distinct traits and unique recipes. The core of Ukrainian cuisine is based on staples like beets, cabbage, potato, mushrooms and certain grains (once again, something that could always be grown by the family without any need to spend extra money). Meat plays a very important role too, especially beef and pork.

It would be wrong not to mention something that's always associated with Ukraine – salo, which can be smoked or salted. Salo can be described as slabs of pig fatback used in all kinds of national dishes and just by itself, with a generous hunk of rye bread. Not being quite the same as lard (due to lack of rendering) or bacon (as it may not be cured that way, rather than simply salted), Ukrainian salo can be a key ingredient in first and main courses, or be served as an appetizer, as well as a quick and yummy snack.

Borsch is one of most notable dishes of Ukrainian cuisine that can be served with salo. Although there are plenty of regional varieties of this dish, the concept of borsch is popular not only in neighboring countries, but also in different parts of the world, mostly due to the presence of Ukrainian emigrants paying tribute to the national cuisine of their motherland. The great thing about this particular cuisine is the amazing choice of various recipes that always remain simple, yet never leave anyone at the table indifferent.





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