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Address: Ivan Mazepa street, 21, b. 5

How to get: go by bus 24 from metro station Arsenalnaya towards Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra till the terminal station

Museum of miniature

Museum of Miniature of author Nikolay Siadristy is located at the territory of Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra. Just one authors works are presented in the museum collection no wonder, only a few have the talent to shoe a flea. Feature of Nikolay Siadristy creative work is that everything is made by hand, by a special technology for each kind of works. Only in Museum of Miniature in Kiev one can see the unique creations, amazing with talent of the creator, accuracy of fulfillment and sizes, certainly.

Nikolay Siadristy was born in 1937 in Kharkov region. After graduation from Kharkov Art college, entered Kharkov Agricultural Institute. Then, the well-known master of microminiature worked as agronomist in Ruthenia and engineer at institute of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Siadristy is a many-sided personality, he is the master of sports of USSR and the absolute scuba diving champion of Ukraine. Most part of his life 40 years, the author of Museum of Miniature was occupied with this unique business. Thanks to Ukrainian master a new word microminiature appeared in the artists lexicon.

Nikolay Siadristy's name is known far outside Ukraine, and his works can be seen not only in Museum of Miniature in Kiev, but in Moscow Polytechnical Museum and in Museum of Microminiature in Andorra.

Museum of miniature

Microminiatures, presented at the museum collections, broaden fixed notion about borders of human potential, delight not only with their beauty and size, but also with authors engineering genius. The smallest in the world operating electromotor of 1/20 mm3 size was constructed by hand of Syadristy; this device is almost 20 times less than a poppy seed.

Among other microminiatures, exposed in Museum of Miniature in Kievo-Pecherskiy reserve, practically each is unique and inimitable. For example, Rose in a hair. Within all along a hair, a cavity was drilled and polished to transparency. Then, a rose stem, 0,05 mm width, was fixed inside. It was not very difficult for the artist to place a whole caravan of gold camels to needles eye.

Fragment of Oginsky polonaise is engraved upon glass chrysanthemum petal of 25 mm size.

Museum of miniature

Fragment of Oginsky polonaise is engraved upon glass chrysanthemum petal of 25 mm size.

Nikolay Siadristy made a beautiful portrait-bas-relief of the great ballerina Maya Plisetskaya at a cherry stone of 34mm size.

At a half of poppy seed, the windmill model of 203 gold details is placed. It is just a brief list of the surprising things, which can be seen in Museum of Miniature in Kiev.

When the museum founder is asked about the knowledge and abilities a man should have to do such super delicate works, he answers: "It is necessary to have some knowledge and experience in drawing, composition and plastic art. It is necessary to know properties of all working materials thoroughly; and also be able to use your own body so that you could make the daintiest gesture by hand with an instrument in breaks between heart beatings.