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Hotel Premier Palace

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Hotel Premier Palace


Hotel Premier Palace begins its history in the end of 19 century. Exactly then the building contractor, merchant of the top guild Lev Borisovich Ginsburg bought the mansion, where the hotel was later constructed.

Hotel Premier Palace consists of two buildings located in the neighborhood. Its building was carried out during 1908 - 1911. One of building was an apartment house. 45 arranged well-appointed apartments were located there. There was a lift, long-distance heating, water pipe with hot and cold water, electric illumination, gas cookers and water closet. Stares were marble and granite. From the outside the building was richly decorated in art nouveau.

The second building was so big that the end of its building didn’t pass unnoticed for Kiev pressmen which called it the most outstanding event of the building season. The basic part of the building was occupied by Palast-Hotel. The new Kiev hotel received its first guests in 1912. In total there were 120 appartments which consisted of 150 rooms. The hotel was equipped with the most modern and progressive achievements of that time. For water supply the artesian water was used and built in vacuum cleaners were placed to provide ideal cleanliness. In the court yard of hotel Palast the huge restaurant for 1000 persons was located. The building ground floor was occupied with cellars and ice rooms, so the food was kept. Under the Soviet rule both buildings were nationalized. Part of premises were used as flats, one another was a municipal hotel and the last one was given to cultural institutions of USSR. The hotel itself was renamed into hotel Ukraine. During Great Patriotic War the buildings considerably suffered from fire.

The first hotel Premier Palace reconstruction was conducted after war. Later at different time the updated hotel received Lubov Orlova, Vera Maretskaya, Alexander Vertinsky, Vladimir Vysotsky, painter Pavel Korin. In honour of some well-known guests several hotel rooms are named.

At the turn of 20 century the second reconstruction of hotel Premier Palace was carried out. Then it was also resolved to return the hotel its historical name. Now Premier Palace is the first five-star Kiev hotel which answers modern requirements of the hotel business.




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